David Lowry

Program Manager
University Staff
TEMPE Campus


David Lowry is a Research Specialist and manages the Life Science Electron Microscopy Lab. He has worked in a research capacity at ASU for over 20 years and since 2005 has managed the LSEML core, which is a subunit of the Eyring Materials Center in OKED Core Facilities. His primary responsibilities are to provide research services, equipment training, and technical support to users of the LSEML. In addition to his research-based activities, he has taught graduate-level laboratory courses in the School of Life Sciences consisting of hands-on instruction in EM techniques and instrument use.


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Fall 2018
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BIO 502 Trans Electron Microscopy
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BIO 502 Trans Electron Microscopy
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BIO 502 Trans Electron Microscopy
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BIO 502 Trans Electron Microscopy

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