Biomimicry, MS

Arizona State University’s Master’s of Science in Biomimicry is focused on an emerging field that seeks to emulate life’s strategies for human design, with an emphasis on sustainability. This online degree is designed to empower you as a ‘change agent’ by illuminating the world of biology and its applications to human design.

Graduate students in this program are working toward innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing global challenges including how we:

  • conduct business
  • design buildings and products
  • educate future generations
  • manufacture goods
  • provide healthcare
  • run governments

You will learn how to integrate biomimicry principles into your current or planned profession, and how to serve as a leader in an emerging network of biomimicry researchers and practitioners.

This program addresses a growing global demand for biomimicry training. We created this degree by converting the only existing program of its kind —the Certified Biomimicry Professional Program — into an MS offering.

Now, it’s offered through The Biomimicry Center at ASU and by the leadership of Biomimicry 3.8 — a globally-recognized social enterprise in the field of biomimicry.

This trans-disciplinary master’s of science attracts students from a variety of disciplines including biology, design, engineering, sustainability and business. If you are interested in applying your undergraduate studies specifically to the practice and advancement of biomimicry, this degree is for you.

To learn more, visit The Biomimicry Center at ASU.

Contact: Dayna Baumeister

30 credit hours including a portfolio of at least three practicum courses.

Core Courses (13 required)

  • BMY 501        Essentials of Biomimicry (1)
  • BMY 502        Life’s Principles (4)
  • BMY 503        Biology Taught Functionally (4)
  • BMY 504        Biomimicry Thinking (4)

Elective Courses (11 required)

  • BMY 511        Biomimicry and Design (3)
  • BMY 512        Biomimicry and Engineering (3)
  • BMY 516        Biomimicry and Business (3)
  • BMY 517        Human-Nature Connection (2)
  • BMY 598        Special Topics: iSites (1)
  • BMY 598        Special Topics: Communicating Biomimicry (1)
  • BMY 598        Special Topics: Teaching Biomimicry (1)
  • BMY 598        Special Topics: Facilitating Biomimicry (1)

Practicum Courses (6 required)

  • BMY 580        Biomimicry Case Study Practicum (2)
  • BMY 580        BioBrainstorm Practicum (2)
  • BMY 580        Biomimicry Genius of Place Practicum (2)
  • BMY 530        Virtual Design Lab Practicum (2)

The MS in Biomimicry program primarily admits one group of students each year for the fall semester. A spring semester start is possible, but less common.

Application Deadline

Application due dates are June 1 to begin in the fall semester, November 1 to begin in the spring semester and March 1 to begin the summer semester. The Biomimicry Master’s program admits students three times annually (fall, spring, summer). 

For applicants who miss the deadline, new applications released from graduate admissions are reviewed every two weeks. While applications may be processed after the deadline, there are no guarantees that notice will be provided in time to enroll that semester.

Before applying, we encourage you to read our program FAQ.

We will notify you of your admissions status by Dec.15 for the spring semester, April 15 for the summer semester and July 15 for the fall semester.

Desired qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree requirement
    • Undergraduate GPA minimum 3.0 (on 4.0 scale)
  • Recommend students have 3-5 years of work experience to best apply knowledge gained in this program, although this is not mandatory.
  • International students: TOEFL score of 100, or IELTS score of 6.5

Note: Your application is evaluated based on your entire completed application package.

To apply, simply follow the How and When to Apply link below.

 You will be asked to:

  1. Review the university standards, degree program timelines and application requirements
  2. Complete the graduate admission application
  3. Fill out the academic record form and upload it 
  4. Submit a non-refundable application fee

Degree Offered

Biomimicry, MS
Liberal Arts & Sciences, The College of


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

View Plan of Study

Application Deadlines


Fall Semester:  Apply by June 1 — Acceptance notification by June 21
Spring Semester:  Apply by Nov. 1 — Acceptance notification by Nov. 21
Summer Semester:  Apply by March 1 — Acceptance notification by March 21


Fall Semester:  Apply by July 7 — Acceptance notification by August 1
Spring Semester:  Apply by Dec. 7 — Acceptance notification by Dec. 21
Summer Semester:  Apply by April 7 — Acceptance notification by May 1


Acceptance notification dates are valid only for applications submitted with all requested materials and TOEFL (if applicable) by the application deadline.