Environmental Communication and Leadership (Graduate Certificate)

Environmental Communication and Leadership (Graduate Certificate)

Scientists must go beyond publishing in journals if they want their research to be relevant to society. However, academic training rarely covers how to communicate with the press, the public, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.

This certificate program in environmental communication and leadership gives graduate students in environmental disciplines the important leadership and communication skills needed to increase their influence and reach above and beyond academia.

Professionals skilled in communication, analytical and critical thinking are highly sought in public and private industry. Experience with conservation science, policy, management and leadership prepare one for careers in research, policy development, law and business management, among many others. Career examples include attorney, ecologist, professor, research scientist and science journalist/communicator.

Degree Overview

Students will learn to:

  • Effectively communicate with the public, including media and decision-makers, to translate complex technical and scientific concepts into easy to understand language.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills such as strategic thinking and planning, team management, conflict resolution, collaboration, mentorship and self-reflection.
  • Inform policy and decision-making for an organization, governmental body or other institution by describing their goals and incentives.

How to apply

To apply, you need:

  • official transcripts
  • CV

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"I was constantly inspired by the courses and people that I met through this program. Over the years of doing environmental and conservation-based research, I have learned that communicating with a wide audience is one of the most valuable skills you can have. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone passionate about their research and sharing that research with others in an impactful way.

Alison, Plant Biology and Conservation MSc, 2020

  • BIO 517 / SOS 518 Uncertainty and Decision Making (3)
  • BIO 412 / BIO, SOS, GPW 598 Conservation in Practice (3)
  • BIO 527 / SOS 527 Environmental Ethics and Policy Goals (3)
  • BIO 598 / SOS 591 Biodiversity Conservation and Collaborative Management (3)
  • ERM 528 International Environmental Management (3)
  • ERM 540 International Environmental Law and Policy (3)
  • HSD 501 Science and Technology Policy (3)
  • HSD 502 Advanced Science and Technology Policy (3)
  • MGT 501 Fundamentals of Organizeational Behavior (3)
  • PAF 505 Public Policy Analysis (3)
  • PAF 540 Advanced Policy Analysis (3)
  • SOS 545 Topic: Organizations, Sustainability and Public Policy (3)
  • PAF 545 Organizations, Sustainability and Public Policy (3)
  • PAF 585 Strat Planning Public Leaders (3)
  • BIO 591 Communicating Science to the Public (3)
  • COM 414 Topic: Crisis Communication (3)
  • CMN 598 Topic: Environmental Risk and Communication Advocacy (3)
  • ENG 598 Topic: Writing for Publication (3)
  • HPS 520 / HST 520: Masters of Nonfiction (3)
  • PRM 470 Environmental Communication (3)
  • SOS 598 (3) Communicating about Sustainability (3)
  • SOS 577 Interdisciplinary Writing Seminar (3)
  • SOS 545 Organizations, Sustainability and Public Policy (3)
  • MGT 513 Mindful Leadership (3)
  • NLM 560 Leadership and Ethics in the Nonprofit Sector (3)
  • OGL 563 Leading Social Change (3)
  • PAF 508 Organization Behavior (3)
  • PAF 529 Organization Change and Development (3)
  • PAF 574 Diversity, Ethics, and Leading Public Change (3)
  • SST 591 Topic: Transformational Leadership and Embodied Activism (3)