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Lenora Ott

Center for Evolution and Medicine
LSC 210A
MC: 1701


Lenora is an Instructional Designer at the Center for Evolution and Medicine.

As an Instructional Designer:

In her day to day role at Arizona State University, Lenora assists faculty with developing and launching their online courses and provides long term evaluation, redesign, and support for online coursework. Her passion is empowering faculty to create meaningful learning experiences for their students and themselves online. She has worked in higher education for 7 years and has a Master of Science in Global Technology and Development from Arizona State University and a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology from Northern Arizona University. She also contributes graphic design to the communications materials within the Center for Evolution & Medicine and serves as a backup course scheduler.

As a Researcher:

Lenora Ott has a Master of Science  in Global Technology and Development from Arizona State University (MSGTD). She was named Outstanding Graduate Student for the School for the Future of Innovation and Society in December 2017.

Lenora’s MSGTD capstone research explores the integration of folkloric dance and technology and their ability to help nations achieve goals as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her research specifically focused on education surrounding health issues through the use of folkloric dance edu-tainment and technology.

The MSGTD program at ASU addresses the global disparity in wealth and access to resources and basic needs, both between and within countries. In addition, the program seeks to help students better understand the role of technology in creating wealth in nations, as well as its distribution. Issues of culture, history, religion, and social organization are considered mitigating factors in this process. 

Lenora’s research interests are women’s rights and empowerment, human rights, education, dance anthropology, digital media and culture, and educational technology. She also holds a B.S. in Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology and a minor in dance from Arizona State University.




Fall 2020
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DCE 111 Belly Dancing l
DCE 211 Belly Dancing ll
Spring 2020
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DCE 111 Belly Dancing l
Fall 2019
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DCE 111 Belly Dancing l