RISE Center Seminars on Inclusion - Megan Bang

Megan Bang, Northwestern University

Megan Bang, Northwestern University

"Nature-culture relations and engaging multiple ways of knowing"

In this talk, Megan Bang will present research that examines how cross-cultural variation in core cognitive models and relational construals of humans with the natural world impact reasoning and sense-making. For example, these models impact how people frame questions or make observation or even what people think is important to study. Further, she will explore how cultural ways of knowing and experience shape these processes. Megan Bang will extend these experimental studies to the design of learning environments and explore key pedagogical practices that support improved science learning. Her work has implications for the study of biological phenomena, even for expert scientists.

About the series:
A call to action: Striving toward inclusion in academic biology
An initiative sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) focused on promoting awareness, understanding and committment to change academic biology environments to be more inclusive. 
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