Allegra Campagna

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Biological Sciences: Animal Physiology and Behavior
Phoenix, Arizona

So far, what is your favorite experience as an ASU student?

My favorite experience would have to be the Barrett, The Honors College rite-of-passage course, The Human Event. I explain it to my friends as a philosophy, psychology, English, and history course, minus the desks and lecturing. It has helped me become more aware of cultures, more sensitive to others’ ideals and beliefs and a better global student. I have learned how to express myself, respectfully debate and logically write down my opinions.

What was the most important thing you learned during your first semester?

I learned to put myself out there and be active, not only at my college but also in my community. I had to e-mail, apply, and interview for everything I am involved in and that was new to me. In college, people aren’t going to hand you leadership roles and volunteer opportunities. You have to be active in your own extracurricular success. 

Have you had any internships?

I recently was accepted to work in Dr. Janet Neisewander’s lab as an undergraduate researcher. It has been so incredibly fascinating, challenging and new! Everyone there is kind and supportive, and instead of feeling out of place amongst all of the grad students and post-docs, they have made me feel included and welcome.

Why did you choose ASU?

I chose ASU because I fell in love with the idea of the New American University — that no matter where you came from, you can do amazing things at a great university. My college is top in research, paving the way in sustainability and is nationally recognized. I’m proud to be a Sun Devil because I am part of something so big.

Maroon or gold?

It has to be both! Go ASU!