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Outi Tuulikki LAHTEENOJA

Laboratorio de suelos, Cirna
Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana (UNAP)
Pasaje los Paujiles S/N, San Lorenzo, San Juan Bautista
Postdoctoral Research Assoc.
Post Doctoral Scholars

Research Interests

During the last decades, carbon stocks and dynamics of tropical peatlands have become a key issue in the field of climate change and carbon cycle studies. In my PhD thesis, I studied tropical peatlands located in the Amazon Basin. The key findings were that Amazonian floodplains harbour thick and extensive but previously largely unknown peatlands, which store a considerable carbon stock in the peat deposits and represent a large variability of different ecosystem types from very nutrient-rich minerotrophic peat swamps to extremely nutrient-poor ombrotrophic peat bogs. I also studied historic peat and carbon accumulation rates by determining radiocarbon age of peat from different depths.

In my current postdoctoral project, I am studying key ecosystem processes of Amazonian peatlands, including photosynthesis, net primary production (NPP), greenhouse gas emissions and decomposition. For this, I am applying methods of RAINFOR-GEM ( in intensive monitoring plots located in three different Amazonian peatland sites in Peru in collaboration with a team of Peruvian students. The overall aim of the project is to understand the comprehensive carbon balance of Amazonian peatlands.

Research Group

The Amazon Peatland Project of the Cadillo lab


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