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We provide academic mentoring for incoming freshmen in the life sciences. This rewarding program connects freshmen with returning School of Life Sciences students, and provides mentors with leadership opportunities.


​As a freshman, you can meet with your mentor twice each month to learn about campus resources, as well as the life sciences. When you register for LIA 101, your mentor will email you the week before school begins. You will be assigned a mentor for the fall semester.

Learn about:

  • Campus involvement
  • Health and wellness
  • Organization
  • School, work and life-balance
  • Study strategies

Become a mentor

You must be a returning student, at least a sophomore and have a 2.70 or higher GPA.

As a mentor, you will:

  • Receive two upper division credits (if registered for the leadership course)
  • Add experience to your resume
  • Be an additional campus resource to new ASU students 
  • Develop and implement individual and small group presentations
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Learn to identify campus resources and make proper referrals

Applications for new mentors are accepted at the end of each spring semester. Check the SOLS weekly newsletter for an announcement. We look forward to meeting you!