Afeefah Rashid

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Biological Sciences (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior)
Chandler, Arizona

What surprised you about ASU?

What surprised me most about ASU (and what still surprises me now), would be the range of opportunities the University has to offer. So far, through ASU’s Outreach Programs, Clubs and Organizations, Schools and Departments, as well as from our regularly received newsletters and several other resources, I have learned about hundreds and hundreds of varying opportunities for students. Not only within the School of Life Sciences (my specific unit), but throughout all of differing fields of student-based study at ASU.

What was the most important thing you learned during your first semester?

Thinking back to my very first semester, the most important thing I learned was: organization can save a student’s life and their GPA, as well!

Do you have advice for incoming freshmen?

Print out a map for yourself, carry either a planner or a schedule with ALL of your homework assignments, as well as ANY important events, classes and extracurriculars written on it (along with timings/locations), and keep yourself ORGANIZED. Also, create a “To do” list in that handy-dandy planner of yours, and don’t forget your water bottle!

Why did you choose ASU?

For one, it would allow me to be close to my family. For another, I loved the idea of being able to experience so much potential diversity at ASU. Attending this university has indeed allowed me to meet and interact with a very unique group of students, faculty and staff. Thus, it has connected me with a very diversified range of cultures and traditions, ideas and opinions and perspectives as well as intellects.