Colleen Mahoney

Degree program: 
Sustainability and Biomimicry
Petaluma, California
MS candidate

What surprised you about ASU?

The opportunity to return to participate in graduate programs offered in no other university in the county. Super happy that ASU is progressive in its support of education around sustainability.  And, I surprised myself by earning not one, but two master’s degrees!

So far, what is your favorite experience as an ASU student?

My favorite experience as an ASU student was the immersive week spent in Amsterdam in the EMSL program.  Our cohort worked each day with different companies, from Philips to Greenport, analyzing and providing solutions for real and global challenges in innovation and sustainability.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am transitioning from full time management of my architecture practice to a part time commitment. This will free up my time to work in environmental education and conservation, where I will apply my background in sustainability and biomimicry. I would also love to teach at ASU. We’ll see!

Do you have advice for incoming freshmen?

Remain open to new experiences. Take time to explore all of the opportunities a college setting has to offer. Take advantage of collaborative and multi-disciplinary coursework. Find your passion, study with passion, but take time to play!