Piper Boyll

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Biological Sciences
Scottsdale, Arizona

Why did you choose ASU?

I chose ASU because I love Arizona and I wanted to stay close to my family. My acceptance into Barrett, The Honors College also influenced my decision. I liked that I could have both the small college experience of Barrett, as well as all the resources that ASU’s size offered. 

Share one of your proudest moments as a life sciences student.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be a mentor at the SOLS Ignite camp for incoming freshman. It was an amazing experience to attend camp a couple of years ago, but now, to interact with new students as a mentor. It’s great to meet the freshman and help them transition into being a SOLS student. It makes me realize how far I’ve come in my time here at ASU.

What was your greatest challenge during your freshman year?

Staying organized. It was a little hard getting used to being completely in charge of my class schedule, my free time and my homework time, in addition to all the extracurricular opportunities. I learned that staying organized and being proactive in class are the keys to being successful and having a great semester. 

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on attending medical school with a focus on surgery. I would like to stay in-state for medical school. Right now, I have my sights set on the University of Arizona — Phoenix medical program. After completing medical school and my residency, I hope to become a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

Have you had any internships?

I interned with an orthopedic surgeon and a specialized hand therapist at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, which was an amazing experience. I not only observed orthopedic and plastic surgeries, but I also observed the rehabilitation of the patients during therapy. Watching surgeries first-hand solidified my decision to pursue medical school.