Taija Hendrix

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Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Phoenix, Arizona

So far, what is your favorite experience as an ASU student?

At ASU, there are students from all over with varying interests and backgrounds. I have really enjoyed being able to meet people from different walks of life that, had I not been at ASU, I might not be exposed to. Being exposed to the diverse student body has helped to diversify my thinking, which I know will help me in my future aspirations.

What was your greatest challenge during your first semester?

Time management was by far the biggest struggle for me. I was attempting to balance a full course load, volunteering, a social life and a full time job. It was extremely difficult at first, but once I learned how to effectively schedule my weeks I was able to juggle everything all at once. Sometimes it still is a struggle, but as long as I keep a running list of my commitments, I am able to manage.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I am hoping to apply to medical school, where I want to practice family medicine because I appreciate the continuity of care that family medicine provides. If I don’t apply to medical school immediately after graduation, I will try to participate in Teach for America. After doing research on biology education, I now have a passion for teaching that I didn’t originally possess when I started college. 

What's a great experience you've had as a SOLS student?

One of the greatest experiences for me has been discovering research in the Biology Education Research Lab. In just one semester, I have been able to meet incredible people who have been so welcoming and have encouraged me to work beyond what I originally thought I would do as an undergraduate researcher. Just this past weekend, I attended a national conference on biology education and had the opportunity to present my own research exploring evolution education. These experiences in the Biology Education Research lab have made me passionate about education as well as the research process.